The success of PATS is the belief in the power of community care. As part of PATS and a designer, I'm always searching the answer for how to use technology to serve non-profits like PATS, or help with social issues.

PATS stands for The Pediatric HIV/AIDS Treatment Support Project. PATS currently supports 43 HIV-positive children in central China who were infected by parents who contracted HIV through paid plasma donation. I've been volunteering for PATS since early this year. My role started as the website consultant. As I get more engaged in this project, I realize that PATS is a long-term commitment involving the collaboration of both international volunteers and local community healthworkers. PATS works with communities to ensure that these children have comprehensive medical care, access to life saving HIV/AIDS medications, nutritional support, and educated caretakers who know how to best meet their needs. In order to take a deep dive into it, by the end of this year, I'll be going back China with Eliza Petrow, PATS Founder and Executive Director, to work for the children and community.

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